Best Smart LED TVs under Rs 25000 in India 2023

Best Smart LED TVs under Rs 25000

The LED televisions are contemporary entertainment technology devices that use a series of LEDs for signifying a clear backlight display. To immerse into theatre-like movie experience at the convenience of your home or office, all you have to do is choose an appropriate size.

Why the best LED TVs under 25000? We selected this price limit because you will get a flagship LED TV loaded with plenty of features, without spending more.

To pick the best LED TV under this price limit, you need to focus on certain key aspects. These include resolution, connectivity, and smart features.

You can consider the 3 aspects discussed below to pick the best LED TVs under 25000

Resolution: To get a crisp and sharp picture quality at the output, it is essential to make sure the resolution is proper. For LED TVs under 25000, you will be able to find both full HD displays and 4K displays. In some other LED TVs, you will also find HD Ready resolution.

The full HD displays come with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, HD ready displays come with a resolution of 1280×720 and the 4K Ultra HD displays come with the resolution of 3840 × 2160.

Generally, you will find full HD resolution in LED TVs of size 32-inch or higher. You will find 4K Ultra HD resolution in size 42-inch or higher. Depending on the size requirements and your budget, you can choose any of these resolution options.

In the recent market, you will see both normal and smart LED TVs equipped with Full HD displays or Ultra HD 4K display panels. They provide sharp, crisp and detailed picture output.Best Smart LED TVs under Rs 25000

Connectivity: It is recommended to choose LED TVs having multiple connectivity options like HDMIs and USBs. These ports also allow connecting other peripheral devices like game consoles, external BluRay players, etc.

Smart features: These LED TVs come with smart features like Google Assistant, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, pre-installed apps, etc. With wireless connectivity, you can access everything quite easily.

Let’s have a look at the details of the best LED TVs under 25000

Best Smart LED TVs under Rs 25000 in India 2023

Sr. No.NameTypePortWarrantyBuy Now
1Kodak 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV 50UHDX SMART TVSmart TV3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports1 YearCheck Now
2TCL 43 inches AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8Smart TV2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port1.5 YearCheck Now
3Sony Bravia 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV with Fire TV Stick, KLV-32R422FLED TV2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports1 YearCheck Now
4Sanyo 108 cm (43 inches) Kaizen Series Full HD Smart Certified Android IPS LED TVSmart TV2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports1 YearCheck Now
5Onida 43 Inches Full HD Smart IPS LED TV – Fire TV EditionSmart TV3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port1 YearCheck Now
6Mi LED TV 4A PRO 43 inches Full HD Android TVLED TV3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports1 YearCheck Now
7Kodak 50 Inches Full HD LED TV 50FHDX900sLED TV3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports1 YearCheck Now
8Sanyo 49 Inches Full HD IPS LED TV XT-49S7100FsLED TV2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports1 YearCheck Now

1. Kodak 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV



1. Display: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

2. Smart: Yes

3. Ports: 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 20 Watts

6. Weight: 12 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1 Year


1. Good connectivity with ports

2. Easy-to-use smart features


1. Comes with several app updating issues

2. Unable to play the high end games

The Kodak 43-inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV boasts lifelike picture quality and allows you to enjoy all forms of online entertainment. It is ideal for enjoying the immersive visual experience and benefitting from multiple connectivity options.

In the configuration of this LED smart TV, the resolution is 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) and the refresh rate is 60 Hz. The 4K UHD display comes with A+ Grade IPS panel and the display supports wide viewing angles. This display offers an immersive visual experience by the application of different contrast levels to different screen areas.

The IPS panel offers vivid and vibrant pictures at the output. The corresponding output represents a lifelike picture quality. The support for wide viewing angles makes sure the people who are seating on the side can clearly see the display output. The screen brightness is enriched up to 550 nits. The same will present vivid picture quality with appropriate contrast.

The smart features allow you to use this LED TV for all forms of online entertainment. You can stream content online, play games, watch movies, listen to music, and much more. The incorporated smart TV features are built-in Wi-Fi, pre-installed apps like Netflix, YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, and Facebook, Kodak TV Smart wall OS, Mira Cast, Quick search and Live weather updates.

The operating system used is Android 5.1.1 and the storage memory is 8 GB. The built-in Cortex A53 Quad Code Processor makes sure this TV operates at a lightning-fast speed.

The audio system is enriched by the powerful 20 W speakers. These speakers come equipped with Automatic Volume Level to make sure you listen to every sound in detail. The sound output with encourages everybody around to watch shows, movies and listen to music melodiously.

Some additional features incorporated are back light adjustment, power of when no signal, back auto power-off, and child lock. The power consumption is 130 W and there is an energy-saving power feature implemented.

You can entertain yourself in the desired way through the multiple connectivity options. There are 3 HDMI ports included to connect Blu Ray players, set-top box, and gaming console. There are 2 USB ports to connect your hard drives and some other USB devices.

2. TCL 43 inches AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV



1. Display: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

2. Smart: Yes

3. Ports: 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 20 Watts

6. Weight: 7.4 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1.5 Year


1. Beautiful appearance with thin bezels

2. Google assistant works efficiently –you don’t have to type


1. Vertical and horizontal lines while playing 4k UHD video

2. The voice recognition does not work

Powered by the latest Android OS, this 43-inch TCL LED TV comes with cutting-edge smart features. It provides a range of entertainment options. Besides, the superior quality display panels convey the finest viewing experience.

The resolution in this AI 4K UHD Smart LED TV is 4K Ultra HD (3860 x 2160) and the refresh rate is 60 Hz. The display comes with an A+ Grade Panel. Different display features implemented are UHD, micro dimming ad HDR 10.

The implemented HDR features offer you an HDR standard with exceptional clarity and picture detail. The HDR 10 generates stunning detail images with precise reproduction of light & dark shades. It enables you to experience HDR content through all sources. The micro dimming feature analyzes the picture in 1296 zones. It individually adjusts the brightness and darkness. The appropriate contrast and bright picture quality guarantees a wonderful viewing experience

Implemented smart TV features are Bluetooth, 4K Android TV with HDR, AI-Google Assistant, Google Cast + T-cast, and Android 9.0 OS. The latest version of Android TV i.e. Android Pie (9) OS allows you to explore a world of shows, movies, and games. You can access content from YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, and other apps.

The users can easily enjoy the official Google Services like Google Store, Google Movie, Google Music, Chromecast, and voice search. With the help of TCL TV AI voice interaction, there is easy access to all your favorite entertainment. All you need to do is speak into the microphone on the remote control.The sound output from the speakers is 20W.

This TCL LED TV is equipped with 2 HDMI ports to connect Blu Ray players and set-top box. Also, there is a USB port included to let you connect hard drives and some types of USB devices.

3. Sony Bravia 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV



1. Display: HD

2. Smart: No

3. Ports: 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 30 Watts

6. Weight: 6.6 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1 Year


1. Durable construction

2. The amazing quality of picture and sound


1. The AUX cable port does not work

2. TV doesn’t hold smart features

This Sony Bravia 32-inch HD Ready LED TV is famous for a lifelike listening experience just like viewing. You will get an enriched audio experience and admire exceptional clarity in the picture output. Though it is not a smart TV, you will be highly benefitted with all its other features.

It comes with a resolution of HD Ready (1366×768) and a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The display used is X-Reality Pro. The display is equipped with features like HDR and Contrast Enhancement. The X-Reality PRO picture processing upscales each pixel to convey superb clarity. Since the frames are analyzed, every scene is compared with Sony’s special image database. Therefore, the output images are refined and noise is reduced.

With the implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR), the image detail lost in the brightest and darkest areas of a picture is retained. Therefore, a dynamic look of the picture is showcased. You will see the minute textures in an object.

The sound system’s output is 30W and there is a built-in subwoofer included. This system perfectly fine-tunes TV sound for the enriched audio experience. The audio output will surround you completely. With the Clear Audio+, you will clearly listen to music and dialogue with exceptional clarity.

The incorporated subwoofer lets you feel right at the heart of the action while watching movies. You will be able to clearly listen to powerful vocals, deep bass riffs, and powerful soundtracks.

The included cable holder allows you to conceal cables in the stand and hold them perfectly in the place. This TV unit stays protected against dust, lightning, humidity, and surge.

With the help of 2 HDMI ports included inside, you can connect a set-top box, Blu Ray players, and gaming console. It is possible to connect USB devices and hard drives using the 2 USB ports.

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4. Sanyo 43 inches Kaizen Series Full HD Smart LED TV



1. Display: Full HD

2. Smart: Yes

3. Ports: 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 20 Watts

6. Weight: 6.7 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1 Year


1. Quad-Core Processor facilitates smooth multitasking

2. Stunning graphics and vibrant visual details during gaming


1. The interface comes with a lag

2. The Google assistant is a hit and miss

If you are looking for an LED TV that is beautifully designed, equipped with the latest OS and superb picture quality then this Sanyo appliance is the best choice. Basically, this 43-inch smart LED TV from Kaizen Series provides immersive viewing experience and melodious sound output from its speakers.

Taking a look at its configuration, the resolution is full HD (1920×1080) and the refresh rate is 60 Hz. The super-bright display comes with an IPS Full HD panel. You will get the visual advantages of the advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen technology. These benefits include excellent color reproduction, high color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and superb sunlight visibility.

The smart TV features implemented are Android Pie 9.0 OS, built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth Ver 5.0 and Google Assistant button on Bluetooth remote to perform a voice search. The TV provides access to the Google Play App Store, Netflix App and Amazon Prime Video App.

You will relish the original Android experience with infinite access to thousands of certified apps available on the official Android TV Play Store. While accessing the apps, you will admire the intuitive user experience.

From devices like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Chromebook, you can cast photos, TV shows, movies, music, and more. You can feature these contents on your big screen TV. By simply pressing the mic button on the remote, you can speak into it. Subsequently, your favorite content will be made available instantly. You will get rid of annoying scrolling and typing. Simply speak the content you want to watch.

Unlike the traditional TV designs, this Sanyo LED TV is prepared in an all-screen, bezel-less infinity design. This contemporary screen design offers a wide viewing area. This area spans from one edge to the other; thus, it conveys an immersive experience.

The sound output is 20W and there are Superior Box Speakers present in its audio system. The system supports Dolby Digital and Digital Sound Processing.

For the purpose of connectivity, there are 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. The incorporated HDMI ports allow connecting your set-top box, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. The 2 USB ports allow you to connect other USB devices and hard drives.

5. Onida 43 Inches Full HD Smart IPS LED TV



1. Display: Full HD

2. Smart: Yes

3. Ports: 3 x HDMI, 1 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 8W X 2

6. Weight: 8.2 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1 Year


1. Beautiful picture clarity and decent sound quality

2. Fire OS works smoothly


1. Sound output is loud but flat

2. Difficult to use Alexa functionality initially

The Onida 43-inch full HD smart IPS LED TV is unique in a way that it provides Fire TV experience. This lets you view your preferred streaming content on the home screen. You will gain access to many streaming apps and advanced smart features. The best of all –the visual experience is lifelike with fine details.

The resolution and refresh rate are respectively full HD (1920×1080) and 60 Hz. The display features lifelike picture quality, brilliant colors and rich contrast, driven by Lucent Picture Engine. Regardless of the viewing angle, you will enjoy the same clarity and consistency.

This IPS LED TV comes implemented with many smart TV features. They include dual-band Wi-Fi, built-in Fire TV OS, Alexa Voice Control, and access to apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, Hotstar, SonyLiv and more. Furthermore, there is a support for the display mirroring for compatible devices and a voice remote with Alexa.

The built-in Fire TV experience showcases your required streaming content right on the home screen. You can select from a broad assortment of TV shows and movies from the apps mentioned above.

You just need to ask Alexa to launch apps, play music, search for titles, change inputs, regulate smart home devices, and many more. You can upgrade your entertainment experience by controlling your smart home devices. With the use of Alexa, it is possible to turn on/off lights or fix the proper AC temperature at your own convenience.

It is possible to press the microphone button and speak out the name of the content you want to watch. Consequently, you will see the search results and you can easily pick the required content. The overall build quality is decent enough, the interface is beautiful and the navigation is easy.

The audio system comes delivers the 16W speaker output with Dolby and DTS TruSurround sound. As a result, you will gain a cinematic type Surround Sound Experience.

This LED TV has 3 HDMI ports to connect your set-top box, Blu-ray players, and gaming console. A USB port is included to make sure you easily connect hard drives and few other USB devices.

6. Mi LED TV 4A PRO 43 inches Full HD Smart LED Android TV



1. Display : Full HD

2. Smart: Yes

3. Ports: 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB

4. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

5. Audio: 20 Watts

6. Weight: 7.4 Kg

7. Launch year: 2019

8. Warranty: 1 Year


1. HD videos function flawlessly

2. Supports a wide range of streaming apps


1. Restarts several times if the software is not updated

2. Occasionally mic does not recognize the command

This version of the Mi LED TV is basically the Smart Android TV equipped with almost everything you may be looking for in a contemporary TV. This appliance is built to be sturdy and made for entertainment. The access to tons of smart features and high-quality sound output proves your investment valuable.

In its configuration, the resolution is full HD (1920×1080) and the refresh rate is 60 Hz. In the display, 7th generation graphics are used. This display comes with a widescreen, ultra-bright resolution, and exceptional picture quality. There is support for full HD and HDR display both. You will certainly view the detailed visuals.

Taking a look at the included smart features, they are Chromecast built-in, PatchWall with Android TV & Set-Top Box Integration, and access to 700,000+ hours of content. The content is presented in 15 languages. There is a Mi Remote included with Google voice search. This remote controls the TV, smart home devices, and set-top box.

You will have easy access to apps like YouTube, Google Play Store, Play Music Play Movies, Voot, Hotstar, Sony LIV, Zee5, Hungama, Alt Balaji, Eros Now, Sun NXT, TVF, Hooq, Epic ON, and Flickstree. Once you upgrade the OS to Android version 9, the Netflix and Amazon prime will get added automatically.

It will be quite easy to search for your favorite content directly from the home page. The process to discover your favorite cable or DTH content is quick.

The sound output is 20W and the built-in stereo speakers come with DTS-HD support. As a result, the room-filling sound is delivered at the output.

With the availability of multiple ports, you can easily connect many different entertainment devices. In this Mi LED TV, there are 3 HDMI ports for connecting set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray players. Using the 3 USB ports, you can connect some external USB devices and hard drives.

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7. Kodak 50 Inches Full HD Smart LED TV



Display: Full HD

Smart: Yes

Ports: 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Audio: 20 Watts

Weight: 12 Kg

Launch year: 2018

Warranty: 1 Year


Beautifully designed

Wide-viewing angle support


Red colors dominate in the output picture

Installation is slightly difficult

Bring home this Kodak’s 50-inch full HD LED TV and view how the visuals on the screen appear lifelike with exceptional clarity. The wide viewing angles and thin bezels in the design are some of the specialties of this appliance. The display output is immersive and of high quality.

This large screen LED TV comes with a resolution of Full HD (1920×1080) and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The display comes with an A+ Grade IPS panel. The support for wide viewing angles makes sure even a person sitting in the farthest corner can view the output clearly with enhanced brightness.

Dynamic Picture Enhancement significantly improves the color gamut and offers a dynamic contrast. As a result, the picture quality is improved. The 64-bit Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation chip make sure the action-packed content is played seamlessly. During the operation, the power consumption is 130W and in standby, it is less than 0.5W.

Taking a look at the design, it is made sophisticated with thin bezels. This design is uniquely done keeping in mind the Indian household. The narrow bezels make sure the TV accommodates more screen into less space.

The sound output is 20W and the system comes with Automatic Volume Level adjustment. The high-performance speakers deliver high-quality audio output.

It is easy to connect set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray players using the 3 HDMI ports. You can use any of the 2 USB ports to connect external USB devices and hard drives. All you have to do is plug in to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, series, etc. By connecting external devices through the HDMI input, you can view the corresponding content on a large screen.

8. Sanyo 49 Inches Full HD IPS Smart LED TV



Display: Full HD

Smart: Yes

Ports: 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Audio: 16 Watts

Weight: 10.3 Kg

Launch year: 2016

Warranty: 1 Year


Picture clarity is great

Build quality is durable


Needs fiddling with the picture settings to attain the proper picture quality

Absence of inbuilt smart app support

If you are looking for the most value buys on the market, this full HD IPS LED TV from Sanyo is a suitable option. The picture quality is superb and sound is always up to the mark. You can connect with many different external devices.

The display configuration comes with a full HD (1920x1080p) resolution and refresh rate of 60 Hz. The viewing angle supported is 178 degrees. The display is equipped with features like reduced motion blur, enhanced skin tone, and dot noise reduction. The HD channels appear great and SD viewing is of good quality. The HD picture quality is as good as that of 4K smart TVs and that too at half the price.

The smart TV features allow connecting to WiFi, streaming content from your smartphone. You can pair it with firestick and experience the best smart TV features.

For the purpose of installation, there is a standard wall mount included in the box. Sanyo made this TV unit resistant to dust and moisture.

The sound output of 16W lets you experience exceptional audio quality. This output comes with surround sound feature and lets you immerse in a perfect theatre experience. Through the HDMI sound out feature, it is quite easy to connect an external home theatre system. Subsequently, you can control it using the included remote.

For the purpose of connectivity, there are 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a VGA port. The HDMI ports allow connecting set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray players. Using the USB ports, you can connect external USB devices and hard drives. A VGA port allows connecting laptops. One of the most significant features is this 49-inch LED TV comes with all necessary input & output ports.

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Things to consider for LED TVs under 25000 (BG)

The choice of a suitable LED TV may seem a cumbersome task if you do not keep in mind things to consider. Let’s look at the details of the factors influencing the purchase of a LED TV:

1. Room size

Before purchasing an LED TV, it is vital to consider the room size where you want to set up the TV. There must be a minimum viewing distance to attain satisfactory image quality.

For smaller rooms, it is recommended to go for a 32 to 39-inch LED TV. If the size of the room is medium, you can consider 43-inch LED TV. For a larger room or a hall, you can consider buying 49 to 55-inch LED TVs.

2. Image quality

The picture contrast and brightness need to be considered before choosing an LED TV. The LED displays come with one LED behind every picture element. Each element has 256 brightness settings which can be tuned individually, on the basis of pixels.

You can go for LED TVs having compact fluorescent backlights. They emit light all times even when the picture output on the screen is supposed to be dark. Few of the advanced models come with 4 or 9 small LEDs to vary the picture brightness at a sub-pixel scale.

3. Full-array backlighting

To gain the maximum advantage of LED lighting, some LED TV manufacturers utilize full-array LED backlighting. In this, several rows of LEDs are arranged behind the surface of the screen. Though this leads to a thicker TV panel, the incorporated LEDs offer a uniform, brighter colors. Also, they present a greater contrast.

The great benefit of full-array lighting can be perceived when local dimming is implemented. This means that each LED or a dedicated zone of LEDs can be turned on/off separately within the screen. As a result, better control of darkness and brightness are provided for each of those areas.

You can consider LED TV models with full-array backlighting and a great level of dimming control, to get better picture quality.

4. Sound output

The ideal LED TV experience is definitely incomplete without decent sound output. The majority of the contemporary LED TVs come equipped with a Dolby sound system. The built-in speakers deliver a 360-degree surround sound system.

Those LED TVs equipped with a Dolby sound system provide 5 bandwidth channels. They are front left, front right, center, back left and back right. This is an ideal sound system for most LED TVs.

5. Energy consumption

Similar to any TV, an LED TV requires energy for the functioning of its components. Particularly, an LED TV requires electric current for powering the liquid crystals in its display panel and for triggering its LED backlighting.

Typically, an LED TV consumes 20-30% less energy than an LCD TV having the same screen size.

6. The interface

The interface is actually the heart of an LED TV. Each LED TV manufacturer equips their TVs with their own interface or operating system. This interface would be useful for operating the smart features. The interfaces commonly found in LED TVs are Android OS, LG’s WebOS, Firefox OS, and Smart Hub.

LG’s WebOS is based on SoC(System-on-Chip). It is used to operate several tasks simultaneously. The Android OS is commonly used by Sony, and it is the OS by Google. The LED TVs with Android OS will be benefitted from the latest technological updates.

Generally, the Smart Hub interface is found in Samsung LED TVs. It enhances the user experience and makes it easy to use the Internet. The Panasonic LED TVs commonly use Firefox OS. This interface simplifies Internet access and allows you to pin your favorite channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which television brand makes the best LED TV?

Ans. When it comes to the best LED TVs, Sony is undoubtedly the best brand to consider. Next, the Samsung is the finest alternative for LED TVs. You can find budget LED TVs based on the features anticipated from these two leading brands.

Some other brands to consider are LG, Kodak, Panasonic, Onida, Mi, Vu, TCL, Thomson, Sanyo, BPL, and CloudWalker.

2. Is it beneficial to buy a smart LED TV in India?

Ans. It is definitely beneficial to buy a smart TV in India because your TV will be equipped with wireless connectivity features like WiFi and Ethernet Internet. You can easily access the required content.

Some recent smart LED TVs in India come with Chromecast, Mira cast, voice control, etc. smart features. Most of them come with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube TV and other subscription services. These services include access to free movies and shows allowing you to watch them just by paying an affordable monthly subscription fee.

3. Which size is the best for LED TVs?

Ans. The best size of LED TV depends on the size of your room. The ideal size to consider for LED TV is in a range of 32 inches to 43 inches, based on your room size. If you own an extra-large room, you can consider 55 inches or more.

4. What is the significance of remote in smart LED TVs?

Ans. Many of the smart LED TVs come with a remote. The included remote is fully loaded with functions to make the TV viewing experience comfortable. You can easily access different content, shows, movies, etc. by voice command.
This remote comes with the Google Assistant feature. Moreover, you can watch popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and others very easily by using short keys on the remote

5. What refresh rate to consider for LED TVs?

Ans. The refresh rate usually found in LED TVs recently is 50 Hz-60 Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the better the quality of pictures and videos on your screen. If you want an LED TV for gaming and action-packed 3D movies, you shall consider a refresh rate of 60 Hz or higher.


At an affordable price, you will be benefitted from plenty of features in any of these LED TVs. Right from resolution to connectivity, these TV models fulfill all your basic requirements. The Kodak 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV 50UHDX SMART when you anticipate 4K display resolution, lifelike picture quality, immersive visuals contemporary smart features.

The Mi LED TV 4A PRO 43-inch Full HD Android TV is the best choice in terms of widescreen output, full HD resolution, lots of connectivity options, and the latest Android OS with lots of smart features.

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